Jacek Goldman and his sister Wanda. Krakw, 1924.
It all began in Lódz, the town of weavers and factory owners' fortunes. In a tenement on Kilinski Street, covered with a layer of factory dust in which, like grain in an old tree, the years of Jewish life had accumulated - there was the I.L. Peretz School. It was closed down after the disgraceful events of March 1968, with zealousness equal to that with which all traces of Polish Jews had been erased. The students however have not forgotten what once was the world of their childhood, the color of their parents' and their relatives' memories. Separated by the barriers of borders, living in different countries - they stayed in touch with one another.
Sharing a common desire - to preserve the memory. Then the past would talk through the voices not only of sages and writers but also of ordinary people, passing on from generation to generation the word "Shalom" - the word "Peace", understood in every language.

This is the origin of the American - Polish - Israeli Shalom Foundation. It was established in 1988 upon the initiative of Golda Tencer - an actress and the director of the E.R. Kaminska State Jewish Theatre. Memory can be saved only when the past is not passively pondered, but when all that has its origin there is brought into daylight. Adding a personal tone, an individual note to the present. That is why the Shalom Foundation organizes international presentations of Jewish art.

 Passport found at the end of the 1950s in the attic of a renovated building on the town square in Grebw, near Tarnobzeg. It belonded to Debora Fortgang. In the passport are visas to Romania, Portugal, and Palestine.
That is why it conducts publishing activity ("Songs" by M. Gebirtig; the anthology "Jewish Children Accuse"); it sponsors the production of documentary films ("There Are No More Jewish Town in Poland," "Naharija - the March Generations") it supports researchers who truthfully show the history of the two nations. One of the most interesting projects of the Foundation is its competition inviting secondary school students to write papers on Jewish history and culture. Concert events and Jewish song competitions have also been a great success. Now the time has come for the album and the exhibition "Images of Polish Jews." We do hope that after its display in the Zacheta Gallery, and after its visit to Yad Vashem and Washington D.C. - the exhibition of photographs will find its permanent place in the Cultural Center of Polish Jews created by the Shalom Foundation in Warsaw, on Grzybowski Square. The creation of the Centre is the greatest challenge that we now face, inspired with the hope that both the past and the present will find their home there. We invite to this combined effort all those who wish to be co-hosts of this house, erected on the foundation of the past. With its windows looking on the future.

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