There were seven children

The Zylberberg family from Krasnik Lubelski, 1932. "Seated in the center are my parents, Mordechaj and Hinda, and next to them my little sister Sura and brother Dawidek. In the back is my eldest brother Mojsze's wife Luba - her maiden name was Lederwerg and she was from Ozarw. Mojsze is standing next to her, and next to him is my brother Wiktor. And on the left is me, Beniamin. My eldest brother and I helped my father in the workshop where he made furs and hats. The Christian clientele addressed my father as Mr. Mordka. "I lost my entire family in the War. I escaped to the Soviet Union. And that was because I was afraid of the Polish police, since I had been sent to prison for six years for being a Communist." As told by Beniamin Zylberberg, now Boleslaw Janowski of Warsaw
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