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Charity groups


281 Members of the Charity Society "Malbish Arumim" (The Clothing of the Naked Society) in Chelm. "The Society collected donations to buy material, from which were sewn clothing and footwear for those in need. Craftsmen - members of the brotherhood - worked freeofcharge. On Passover (in the spring) and Sukkot (in the autumn), 200-300 sets of clothing were distributed." Abram Bekier, Tel Aviv

This photograph belonged to Hania Szczuryk, who during the War was in hiding in Wlodawa.

Rebuilding a Jewish home for the elderly in Chelm - a civic project of the town's Jewish community.
"It was a gathering of all the clerks and members of the Community Council of Jadw (a small settlement on the railway line from Warsaw to T1uszcz and Lochw). In the Council there were three representatives from the Jewish community. They are sitting in the second row - the first, second, and fifth from the left. One of them was named Chryniewicki or Chryniewiecki. I was working in the office at that time, which is why I'm in the picture."
Maria Wlocznik, Warsaw

Jadw, 1929. Farewell gathering for Mr. Graff (seated in the center), a county official, who was retiring.

Town Council of Pinczw, half of whose members were Jewish. Photographs by I. Kochen.

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