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All spellings and transliterations used in materials originating with the Simon Wiesenthal Center or in essays written specifically for this volume are the responsibility of the Simon Wiesenthal Center. The primary authority for all names is the Encyclopedia of the Holocaust (New York: Macmillian, 1990).

All reprinted selections appear exactly as they did in their original publications.

As is standard bibliographical procedure, all bibliographical entries are according to the title page of the book cited.

The editors express their sincere gratitude to the following people for their unstinting efforts on behalf of this publication:

Cheryl Miller, Archivist, Simon Wiesenthal Center, Los Angeles, CA
Susie Bernstein, Simon Wiesenthal Center Library/Archives, Los Angeles, CA
Ariela Ehrlich, Researcher for Beit Hashoah-Museum of Tolerance, Los Angeles, CA
Lisa B. Stuken, Simon Wiesenthal Center, New York, NY
Library/Archives Staff of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, Los Angeles, CA

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