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The following materials issued by the Simon Wiesenthal Center provide appropriate back ground material on the Holocaust: The Courage to Remember: The Holocaust 1933-1945. A 40-panel poster series and visual narrative featuring over 200 original photographs, maps, timelines, quotations and narrative.

Echoes That Remain. Written by Marvin Hier and directed by Arnold Schwartzman. 60 min. Simon Wiesenthal Center, 1990.

Genocide. Produced and directed by Arnold Schwartzman and Marvin Hier. 90 min. Simon Wiesenthal Center, 1982.

Grobman, Alex, and Daniel Landes, eds. Genocide, Critical Issues of the Holocaust: A Companion to the Film Genocide. Los Angeles, Calif.: Simon Wiesenthal Center; Chappaqua, N.Y.: Rossel Books, 1983.

Response: The Wiesenthal Center World Report. Los Angeles, CA: Simon Wiesenthal Center, 1978- . Published quarterly.

Simon Wiesenthal Center Annual. Vols. 1-7: 1984-1990. Vol. 1: Chappaqua, N.Y.: Rossel Books; vols. 2-5: White Plains, N.Y.: Kraus International; vols. 6-7: New York, N.Y.: Philosophical Library.

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