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Tonight, as we light the memorial candies for the martyrs of the Holocaust, we commemorate "The Uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto" in April 1943, an event that cast Jewish resistance to evil into a new, activist phase.

To accompany the candle-lighting, recite the following:

These six candles are being lit in memory of:

  1. The Resistance Fighters of the Warsaw Ghetto who reminded fellow Jews how to fight for their honor
  2. The Rabbis of Warsaw who did not forsake their people or God
  3. The Children of the Warsaw Ghetto who, through their activism and courage, often inspired their elders, and The Educators of the Ghetto who, in the midst of horror, did not abandon or neglect their pupils
  4. The Chroniclers of the Ghetto, who documented what they saw so that we, too, may see and learn
  5. The Health and Communal Workers of the Warsaw Ghetto, who fought against all odds to preserve the life and dignity of their people
  6. The Righteous amongst the Poles of Warsaw, who, despite the threat of death, reached out their hands in aid

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