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by Shmaryahu (Shmerke) Kaczerginski
translated by Roslyn Bresnick-Perry
The night does not end, the day does not dawn,
A bloodied world spins in momentum.
Jews flutter high as flags in a storm.
Flags in the valley of phantoms.

In ruins the ghetto-in slaughter the Jew,
He marches through flame and through fire,
Vengeance, yes vengeance-the night echoes too,
For children, for fathers, for mothers!

The snow falls and falls, yet the earth is not white,
The blood that it holds ever seething,
The snow and the ice call for vengeance to right
The torture of Jews and their bleeding.

There will be no day-calls the Jew-and no night,
The world never will be forgiven!
They who are lost, those who fell in the fight,
in us will forever be living!

We will remember the courage and pain,
Our souls filled forever with fervor,
And deep in our bloodstained heart chisel three words:
For vengeance! for vengeance! for vengeance!

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