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Prepared by Paul H. Hamburg
15th Century Jews first arrive in Warsaw.
1792 Jewish population: 6,750
(10% of total population)
Eve of World War I Jewish population: 337,000
(25% of total population)
1939 Jewish population: 375,000
(29.1% of total population)
September 1, 1939 Germany invades Poland from the West.
September 28, 1939 Warsaw surrenders.
October 1939 Judenrat (Jewish council) established.
November 1939 First anti-Jewish decrees:
  • armband with blue Star of David to be worn by all Jews
  • signs identifying Jewish shops
  • order to hand in radios
  • ban on train travel
October 12, 1940
(Yom Kippur)
Decree establishing Ghetto issued.
November 16, 1940 Ghetto sealed off.
July 22 - September 12, 1942 Mass deportation of 300,000 Jews from Warsaw. After the deportations only 60,000 Jews remained.
July 23, 1942 Adam Czerniakow, head of Judenrat, commits suicide rather than turn over Jewish children to the Germans.
January 18, 1943 Second wave of deportations. Beginning of armed resistance.
April 19, 1943 Final liquidation of Ghetto begins. Beginning of Ghetto uprising.
May 16, 1943 Jrgen Stroop declares:
"The Jewish Quarter of Warsaw is no more!" Resistance actually continues sporadically.

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