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Simon Wiesenthal Center Annual Volume 7



Elizabeth B. White

Majdanek: Cornerstone of Himmler's SS Empire in the East

Richard Breitman

Himmler's Police Auxiliaries in the Occupied Soviet Territories

Nicholas M. Nagy-Talavera

The Anatomy of a Massacre: Sarmas 1944

Arieh J. Kochavi

British Policy Toward East European Refugees in Germany and Austria, 1945-1947

Ilona Klein

Primo Levi: The Drowned, the Saved, and the "Grey Zone"


Liliana Picciotto Fargion

Italian Citizens in Nazi-Occupied Europe: Documents from the Files of the German Foreign Office, 1941-1943


Robert N. Proctor

Nazi Health and Social Policy

Earlean M. McCarrick

Ethnic Politics Canadian Style: The Clash over Nazi War Criminals

Gerhard L. Weinberg

A Secretary General for the United Nations and a President for Austria

Richard Breitman

A Nazi Crusade?

Dagmar C. G. Lorenz

Hilsenrath's Other Genocide

Warren Johansson and
William A. Percy

Homosexuals in Nazi Germany

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