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Simon Wiesenthal Center Annual Volume 6



Eric D. Kohler

Relicensing Central European Refugee Physicians in the United States, 1933-1945

Robert Edwin Herzstein

Anti-Jewish Propaganda in the Orel Region of Great Russia, 1942-1943: The German Army and Its Russian Collaborators

Judith Tydor Baumel

The Politics of Spiritual Rehabilitation in the DP Camps

Gershon Greenberg

From Hurban to Redemption: Orthodox Jewish Thought in the Munich Area, 1945-1948

Dagmar C. G. Lorenz

Inside Auschwitz: Four Memoirs

Dennis E. Showalter

Jews, Nazis, and the Law: The Case of Julius Streicher

Leonidas E. Hill

The Trial of Ernst Zundel: Revisionism and the Law in Canada


Earlean M. McCarrick

American Anti-Nazism: A Cold War Casualty

Donald L. Niewyk

The German Jews Under Hitler

Charles W. Sydnor, Jr.

On the Historiography of the SS

George 0. Kent

Cooperation, Compliance, Resistance: German Diplomats in the Third Reich

Jack Zipes

Jewish Life as Stigma

Michael Berenbaum

Interpretations of the Holocaust

Carl Steiner

The Bitter Legacy of the Holocaust



Helmut Krausnick


Alfred Streim


Albrecht Hagemann

Contributors and Editors

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