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Simon Wiesenthal Center Annual Volume 5




Gotz Aly and
Susanne Heim

The Economics of the Final Solution: A Case Study from the General Government

Sybil Milton

Non-Jewish Children in the Camps

Donald M. McKale

Traditional Antisernitism and the Holocaust: The Case of the German Diplomat Curt Prufer

Dagmar C. G. Lorenz

Three Generations Remember the Lorenz Holocaust: Hilsenrath, Becker, and Seelich

Judith Ryan

Out of the Mouths of Monsters: Perspectives on Nazism in Grass and Tournier

Alexander Stephan

Concentration Camps in Exile Literature: The Case of Osthofen

Gerhard P. Bassler

Attempts to Settle Jewish Refugees in Newfoundland and Labrador, 1934-1939

Joyce Fine

American Radio Coverage of the Holocaust


Donald L. Niewyk

Germany's Special Path to the Holocaust

Steven E. Aschheim

Between Rationality and Irrationalism: George L. Mosse, the Holocaust, and European Cultural History

John H. E. Fried

The Fate of Soviet POWs in World War II

Jan T. Gross

Historians of Jewish Resistance

Robert H. Abzug

Facing Survivors in Fiction and Film

Wolf Oschlies

The Thesaurus of Hell: Twenty-Six Years of the Periodical Przeglad Lekarski-Oswiecim

Rudiger Lautmann

Homosexuals in Nazi Germany

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